1. zkLink testnet hit over 30k unique addresses on Dec 14th, with 145k transactions.
  2. zkLink announced partnership with Pledge Finance in building a connected DeFi-verse.
  3. zkLink hosted two AMAs in Republic and CryptoPros community.
  4. zkLink Holiday Treasure Hunt is ongoing, co-hosted with Galaxy. Over 4440 NFTs have been claimed till Dec 30th.

Development Progress

  1. Fixed problems on Layer2 cross-chain curve algorithm.
  2. Optimized the performance of circuit in Layer2 algorithm.
  3. Finished the verification code in CRT module.
  4. Finished integration testing on zkLink light oracle network
  5. Optimized zkLink Explorer navigation and UI design.
  6. Finished development on transaction records display on zkLink Explorer.

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Enabling the promise of a multi-chain blockchain ecosystem and connected DeFi-verse.

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